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Personal Water Craft Lifts Lake Gaston by Ultimate Boat Lifts, LLC
Personal Water Craft Lifts Lake Gaston by Ultimate Boat Lifts, LLC
Boat Lift Company in Lake Gaston - Ultimate Boat Lifts, LLC

PWC Lifts

Personal Watercraft Lifts & Jet Ski lifts Lake Gaston - Ultimate Boat Lifts, LLC - Lake Gaston
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PWC & Jet Ski Lifts

Most of our Personal Watercraft Lifts can be purchased on-line. Due to the weight of the lifts, each purchase must be calculated individually. If you are interested in purchasing one of our PWC / Jet Ski Lifts or Platform PWC Lifts, click on the ESTIMATE PURCHASE button which will generate an email order request to Ultimate Boat Lifts. We will in turn reply to your request with the total cost for shipping and handling to get your approval before processing the order and sending your invoice. For items with ADD TO CART, you can buy online using PayPal™.

 Please review our Privacy / Warranty policies prior to purchase.

PWC Lifts - 1500LB

Personal Watercraft Lifts / PWC Lifts - Ultimate Boat Lifts, LLC - Lake Gaston   Lift Range
  • STANDARD 8' LIFT with 6' lifting range
  • OPTIONAL 10' LIFT with 8' lifting
  • OPTIONAL 12' LIFT with 10' lifting range
  • New 1500LB PWC LIFT with optional PWC Platform (shown)
Buy this 1500lb PWC Lift on-line Prices begin $1600 - plus shipping & handling (weight estimate 400lbs)

  • HOT dipped galvanized construction
  • 1/4 " stainless steel cables
  • 3/4 HP sealed motor wired for 110 volt with spring loaded switch, ground fault, 6' control cable
  • Plastic Cover
  • Black Marine Grade Carpet
  • Galvanized fasteners for installation
  • 1 year warranty on electrical parts

Additional Options

  • Powder coated to match your color
  • 304 stainless steel for saltwater applications
  • 10' & 12' lengths - Any length available
  • Small jet, sail boats lifts available
  • GEM remote control
  • 2x3 tubing arms for small boats, skiffs & sail boats.
  • Optional PWC Platform - Double or Single
In addition to 1500LB Personal Watercraft Lifts, we also design, install and maintain 2500LB Jet / Sail Boat Lifts.
CLICK HERE for more information.

Electric Motor Kit for Dockside LIL Lifter Lakeside
Electric Motor Kit
Replace your old hand-wheel crank PWC Lift with an electric motor by using our Electric Motor Kit. The kit includes a new 3/4HP motor/gearbox unit, 6' cord with built in ground fault, galvanized bolts, and a Bremas switch. It is easy to install the new aluminum bracket - just drill 4 1/2" holes. The motor will lift 1000 lbs.
Price $630
Includes Shipping
Pay for your LIL PWC Lift by Creidt Card with PayPal
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